Marcus Merritt is an artist and a poet who lives in Hamtramck, Michigan.

I grew up in South Dakota, lived for a few years in San Francisco working on my MFA in Creative Writing (Poetry), and have been in Detroit for over a decade, where I finished my PhD in English and have been working as an adjunct professor, teaching Creative Writing and other liberal arts classes. Follow me on twitter or instagram.

Color selfie of a man's face with mountainous landscape in the background

This website is an online presentation of my drawings and photographs. The primary galleries here are my Power Lines Drawings series and Objects from Films. I started drawing seriously in March of 2020 because I found the regular drawing practice to be meditative and soothing, like presenting myself with an intricate little labyrinth to work through. In the fall of that year, my drawing practice coalesced into these two series. Each series gives me a form that’s both iterative and indexical, and it seems like that’s why they work for me.

Drawing of a utility pole and power lines
Hamtramck Power Lines #45
Drawing of a television
The Hit (1984)
black ink drawing of a water tower with turkey vultures perched everywhere on it holding their wings up in the sun
6th Street Water Tower

Other drawings are gathered in this gallery [coming soon]

Black ink drawing of a police van smashed and on fire
Abolition Now!
Color photograph of a tree at night lit brightly by streetlights
Detroit, Michigan

This website is also home to my street and landscape photography, mostly of buildings or trees, often at night. [coming soon]

You can find my poetry online in a couple of places:
Dusie 15 has five poems of mine that are part of a series of about fifty like these that I composed during to 2010s.
Wildness 12 includes a longer poem that I composed mostly in the fall of 2009 while commuting every day along I-29 between Sioux Falls and Vermillion, South Dakota.

Please visit my online store to see what prints or original drawings I currently have available. If you are interested in a drawing that is unavailable there, or would like to reach out to me about my work, please message me on twitter or instagram or email me at marcusjmerritt -at- gmail.